• Users can be assigned roles at two levels—organizational (from the Homepage) and program (from an individual program page)
  • There are 5 roles with different privileges (see table). They are:  
    • Organizational level (managed from the Manage People button on the Homepage)
      • Primary Corporate Contact is the primary administrator for an organization with access to all programs
      • Secondary Corporate Contact is a supporting administrator for an organization with access to all programs
      • Program level (managed from the Manage People button on individual program pages)
      • Main Site Contact is the primary administrator for the program
        • Only the Main Site Contact can submit applications
        • Primary Corporate Contacts and Secondary Corporate Contacts can assign themselves the role of Main Site Contact
      • Contributor is a team member that can edit program information
      • Viewer is a stakeholder that cannot edit information
  • Adding external user (e.g. external consultant, advisor, partner)
    • Before adding an external user to a program send them this link ( requesting that they register as a member of their own organization (e.g. XYC Consulting, Community Conservation Corp of Parkville) 
    • External users can not have organizational level roles (e.g. Secondary Corporate Contact) for a different organization. For example, a member of XYC Consulting cannot be a Secondary Corporate Contact for Hardrock Materials. 
    • External users can have program level roles (e.g. Contributor)

User roles and privileges

Roles Privilege
View programs and projects Payments Add program Manage people Add/edit projects Edit program information (e.g. address) Submit application Edit organization information (e.g. address)
Organization level Primary Corporate Contact ✔**
Secondary Corporate Contact ✔**
Program level Main Site Contact ✔ ❀,** ✔ ♦

*The user that creates a new program is its Main Site Contact. This role can be changes after creating the new program

**Can assign user a Main Site Contact

Cannot assign user corporate level roles

Only Main Site Contacts can change a project's properties (e.g. project name) or delete a project.