• Secure credit card payment option is available
  • Invoices can be downloaded for processing of bank transfers, wires or check payments
  • Payments should be made in US dollars
  • Reminder emails will be sent if fees are not paid
  • Programs may not be created without paying registration fees. They are:
    • US$ 250.00 for new programs in 2016
      • Existing programs, including Wildlife at Work and Corporate Lands for Learning programs that have not expired, are not charged a registration fee.
      • Programs that utilize WHC design and planning services before registering online may have their registration fee waved. For additional information, contact your primary WHC support person or send an email to
  • The application fees are:
    • US$ 1,000 for members in 2016
    • US$ 2,000 for non-members in 2016
      Program applications will not be considered received and entered into the review process with unpaid fees.
    • Fees may change at the beginning of any calendar year

Background Information
All payments are final. There are costs associated with managing the WHC Conservation Certification website, including providing support to organizations using the website. Additional costs are incurred when reviewing projects, regardless of if the program is certified.

Additional information about the review process is in the Review process and scoring page.

For additional support, please contact your primary WHC support person or send an email to

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