The WHC Conservation Certification website can be understood as having two primary sections: Homepage and programs (see figure below).

The Homepage contains all of the programs for a particular user. At any one company, different users may see different programs on their Homepage.

From the Homepage, clicking on the Manage People button allows users to add and edit members of an organization’s team. Users can also view and edit information about the organization through the Organization info button.

Clicking on a program tile on the Homepage takes users to information about that individual program (middle column of figure above). Here users can add projects and answer application questions about that individual program. Clicking on the Manage People button allows users to change team members working on that individual program or edit permission levels. There is also a Program info button that has additional information. The Submit application button allows users to submit a completed application for review.

Across the website, the Directory button allows users to see contact information about other team members. Users can also edit their own contact information here. The Payments tab is where users can view invoices or pay by credit card.

For additional support, please contact your primary WHC support person or send an email to